Thursday, September 9, 2010

Calgary Zoo Debacle

The Calgary Zoo has come under fire before - death of 41 sting rays, death of a capybera (a South America Rodent), death of a hippo, death of a wild goat, death of an Asian elephant calf, and a gorilla holding a knife inside its enclosure - and now, they're under the gun again. After admitting they had no idea one of their female Siberian tigers was pregnant (despite having a tiger breeding program), 2 cubs were born to the mother (Sept. 8, 2010), one of which was found dead - an investigation is under way - and the other now in critical condition fighting for its life.

Siberian tigers are critically endangered with less than 400 remaining in the wild. The Calgary Zoo has 5 Siberians and why they're even breeding them at all makes absolutely no sense - it's not like the cubs will be returned to the wild - they would never survive!

A national zoo watchdog wants an independent auditor brought in to investigate and with good reason. My question is: why is this zoo still open??!!

© Shelley Vassall

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